June 28, 2017

Doty Stephanotii

This is spring in Florida.
I'm so proud of my stephfanotis vine. I've lived here since 2013 and over the winter the vine made some gourd-like fruit, which I quickly researched. I shared one pod (mango-like in appearance) with my friend Robyn, and I kept one for myself. Later in the season I found two more!

The facts are, if you don't pick the fruit, the vine will quit blooming. I did notice that. Suddenly the old leaves across the vine started to turn yellow as well, and this lasted well into the spring.

I noticed it because I thought I had picked its two only fruits. But a month or two later I found three more big pods hanging there! They got snipped off the vine immediately. I set the pods on a table in my house to see what would happen.

Meanwhile I impatiently buried 1/2 the original fruit in my garden at the base of a mandavilla vine and trellis. Nothing at all happened for two months. A couple of weeks ago I discovered about 10 nice seedlings!

A quick Lowe's trip for a small bag of soil and a seed-starting tray and I'm about 50 seedlings away from more stephanotis. The seedlingss in my garden, I've already committed to three friends.

It took a while but look what sprouted in my garden!

Update: The flooding from Hurricane Irma and the heavy rains a couple of weeks later wiped away the seedlings. See my Projects post about the flooding.

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