April 12, 2017

Spring 2017 - Catching Up

Melbourne Beach, FL
I've been devoting spare time to parents, crocheting, Recipe Keeper, and watching fave shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. I turned in all the cable TV equipment and cut my bill in half. Down to Roku and computer now. I love it!

I read The Girl On The Train. It was pretty good! Definitely a page turner. I guessed the ending from the start though, so it felt predictable. I wished it ended more creatively.

My story on last summer's Europe trip is still in draft form. The holdup, as always, is photo editing.

Next will be a story on February's cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Until I post that, you can see some really amateur home vids I took with my Samsung S6.  Click here for the YouTube link to that playlist.

Today I squeezed in an hour's walk on the beach. Got my 10K steps in! It was the perfect day for it. No humidity, warm, sunny, breezy, and lots of people to look at since it's a Spring Break week. Above is the photo I took. The sea was aqua and turquoise and blue and green and gorgeous. I'm so lucky to be able to feast my eyes on the ever-changing ocean whenever I want.

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