May 1, 2016

First Sunday in May

After three weeks of company, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I woke up this morning with nothing on the agenda. Beach walk time! It took me two cups of coffee to realize that today was May 1 and my dog-eared and soggy April tide chart had expired. I gotta give Commodore 64 the credit for giving us computers in the home, computers which over the years have turned into personal electronic devices driven by many operating systems, all of which can tell us the high and low tides of any given day on God's green and blue Earth.

Evelyn was here walking the beach with me on the first weekend I saw lifeguards actually guarding lives from their official red towers. I think it was April 22. In the north Memorial Day weekend starts the lifeguard season but here it's a month earlier. Today when I set out for my low-tide walk there were no lifeguards on duty in Melbourne Beach or even at Nance Park in Indialantic; however by the time I finished my walk the MB tower was occupied and a yellow flag flew behind his or her chair.

I'm still trying to recover from a borderline bronchitis thing I've had going on now for two straight weeks. Today was the first day in two weeks I felt any energy upon wakening, so I was eager to have a walk. I'm so tired lately and feeling so old. It was good to hit my 10,000 steps before 11:00 a.m. though it wore me out.  I hope that by this time next week I feel better.

As usual I'm posting a photo of my beach from today's walk.  "Crowds" (I say crowds because here, right now, crowds means a few dozen) of people were forming at Ocean Park and Nance Park, but in between, my walk was all but deserted.

Birds and a few neighbors.  That's my beach!

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