April 5, 2016

Prettiest Day So Far!

This morning I had my semi-annual dental exam and cleaning. My dentist, Dr. Collins, is located around the corner on Ocean Avenue in the historic former Villa Marine hotel, built in 1912. Some of the rooms at Collins & Montz have great views of the river, which on a nice day provide the calming sight of sailboats gliding up or down; great for taking your mind off all that poking and scraping.

My right foot, specifically my expensive big toe, was bothering me so badly that when I took my beach walk at low tide today I almost turned back.

I plowed on because it gives me more joy to walk that walk than the pain gives me pain, if that makes sense.

Below are some photos from today.  Please click on each photo to enlarge them.  You can actually enlarge them further if you click a second time!

On my way to the dentist, my neighbor's blue mailbox amid tropical flora looked so pretty.

Halfway down Avenue A toward the river I turned around and took this shot of my street. We're looking east here, towards the ocean.

Round the corner and heading south. That's the Indian River and the plants are at a neighbor's particularly tidy and well-planned front beds.

Avenue A at Riverside,  looking north. Oleanders, hibiscus, lovely coral bougainvillea in the back.

Between the palms you can see Billy's sailboat moored out in the river.  This is near the Melbourne Beach pier.

After the dentist I went to the beach to walk.  This is looking south on Atlantic Ave. That little pathway goes to the Ocean Park Beach parking lot; the house on the left, oceanfront, is owned by my friend from Alabama.

At the end of Avenue A, looking north on Atlantic Avenue. The ends of Avenue A, Avenue B and Sunset all have sandlots and beach access steps. Otherwise you never see cars. All the big oceanfront homes are on the right in this picture.

North west corner of Atlantic Ave. and Avenue A.  This quaint cottage is one of the originals.

I couldn't resist an ocean shot.  It was such a pretty day.  Literally, not a cloud in the sky.  No humidity. Walking the beach was such a pleasure.  I'm trying to enjoy it before the heat and humidity make it hard for me.

Click on the YouTube icon to see this video of a Great Blue Heron in high definition. You will be directed to YouTube.


  1. I love your home !!! It looks so nice down there!!!!

    1. Thanks Evelyn! I can't wait for you to come walk with me this summer.