April 2, 2016

Beach Walk 4.2.16

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The ocean reflects the color of the sky and this morning's sky was gray, so it was a very monochromatic scene at the beach this morning.  The only people out were a few surfers and paddle-boarders, a couple schools of porpoise, some walkers, and this Great Blue Heron, who had found a catfish. I'm guessing the poor fish had gotten himself caught and thrown back one too many times.

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You can see the faintest hint of green in the sea and the faintest hint of brown in the sand, but otherwise it was bland. Early mornings do tend to be hazy.  The good thing about living here is that eventually I'll see another spectacular sunrise.

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The sky makes it look cold -- it could be January in Massachusetts -- but in fact it was 80.

My walk this morning was south to Spessard Holland North Park, the third lifeguard stand. There were already a few families out even at 9:00 a.m. on an overcast morning.  The over 4 mile trek back and forth earned me a half-rack of baby back ribs and a slice of pecan pie at Rib City, where our family went for lunch today.

Baby back ribs at Rib City in Grant, FL
Grandson with toast in one hand and a chicken tender in the other.

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