April 4, 2016

Beach Walk 4.4.16

Another beach walk.  Low tide was around noon-ish, so I figured I'd set out around 11:00 a.m.  I had a little time to get some things done. My big goal was to move the patio furniture from the pool area to the deck, on the safe side of the pool fence, so I and my friends could sit around the table and not have to constantly prevent toddlers from falling in the pool. I corralled my neighbor Billy and begged him to help me extract the umbrella from the umbrella table out back.  It took some doing but he was able to make things work and get it all set up nice. Now, we can sit on the deck and eat or chat, the kiddos are safe, and life is good. Thank you neighbor Billy!

Nike+ Report: Avenue A to the beach, north to Indialantic, and home again.
Holding my Vionics in my left hand. Here are my Fitbit Flex and Nike+ GPS Watch.
Look at those colors!  What a difference from the last couple of days.
I have the beach to myself.  In fact, nearly the whole coastline.  Not bad for 12 noon.
Looking north on my way home, I just had to show my non-Florida friends how amazing the colors are.
I like this blue house a lot.  Bahamian/Colonial balconies, metal roof... all the right stuff.  I think it's an Atlantic Ave. property.
Any local will tell you, this photo isn't lying.  This is what you see on a sunny day in April.
I took one more picture looking north.  It was so clear I could see the curve of Cocoa Beach and the tall buildings there (or the VAB, not sure), but that won't show up in this photo.  
Heading home, here's my hidden stairway through the dunes.
From the first step this is what you see. Look! Some people.
One of my favorite sights along the walk home.  I adore how the mailbox is engulfed in shrubbery.
Another favorite sight is my across-the-street neighbor's beautiful coral bougainvillea.  Love the wildflowers too.
I used to think the crotons looked harsh, but now that I'm used to them I really admire their colors.
My jatrophy tree. It's still a little bit early for butterflies but as the summer wears on it will be swarming with swallowtails.
Here's a close-up of the jatrophy in case you're wondering.  It's normally a shrub but mine was trained into a fine little tree.


  1. Great photos! The weather looks great in the beach shots and the foliage around the house is fantastic. Nice post.