April 3, 2016

Beach Walk 4.3.16

This morning's walk at low tide was north to the third lifeguard stand, Nance Beach Park in Indialantic. It was windy and a bit cooler today which made it very pleasant. Absolutely no surfers and only two recreational fishermen. Tons of shells! I filled my pockets with some goodies.

Miles: 4.5
Steps: 10,798


Cloudy and hazy at first, the north wind blew everything south and the sun came out.  Above, some kind of sandpiper.
I was surprised to see a duck walking along.
It flew away as soon as I tried to get closer.
Skimmers (black) and Royal Terns hanging out in Indialantic where we usually see them.
Sunny to the north.  You can see I had the beach to myself.
Blue skies!  So good to see the green ocean again.
I like these dark green palms with long fronds.  I will have to look them up but I'm thinking they're coconut palms.
One of the houses I like along Atlantic Avenue in Melbourne Beach.
Cool picture of the waves, edited with a filter.

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