February 18, 2016

Walking With The Olivers

My Fitbit dashboard.

I'm so behind in my blogging.  I owe one post about Christmas in Key West (coming soon!) and one post about a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit my two sons there and celebrate son John's birthday. Until I get those posts up, which are heavily laden with photos so I'm being all picky about the editing process, here's a quickie post about my day with my father, Oliver Axtell (89) and my grandson, Oliver Doty (15 mos.).

On Wednesdays, if I'm free from obligations, I like retrieving my grandson Oliver from daycare so I can have an afternoon of quality time with him. Today I picked up my dad first because he requested a chance to spend a babysitting day with me and his little great-grandson.

Dad and I had fish tacos for lunch (recipe coming soon on our cooking blog).  Oliver eats lunch at daycare at 10:30, so he just played around with a spoon and applesauce while we ate. Then I put Oliver in the stroller and, as we've done ever since I started taking him on Wednesdays, we walked a block down to the river, to the pier. We go to see the birds -- pigeons, pelicans, gulls, crows, and sometimes little shore birds which might be either willets or sandpipers.  Also we go to remark on the "big water." Sometimes I see jumping fish or dolphins and I point them out, but I'm not sure he's able to see those yet.

After the pier we walked south through the park into the neighborhood there so I could show my dad a couple of old, amazing riverfront houses; also I did this because it's part of my "get Oliver napping" routine. Sure enough the little guy conked out after we left the pier -- apparently old mansions don't interest him -- and we walked the couple blocks home so he could continue his nap in the stroller on our front porch, while Dad and I sat and rocked and discussed the many varieties of palm trees.

After nap it was time to get active.  We let little Oliver play a bit and then strapped him back in the stroller so we could walk the 1.5 mile trip to Orlando Park, a cool children's playground in Indialantic.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

This (above) is my Nike + walk (I have the sport watch). Total mileage 3.16. Those of you who understand this map will see that I wasn't quite sure how to get to Orlando Park from Shannon Road. We actually walked two blocks north of Orlando Road because I didn't start looking at road signs until we were north of Orlando!  Anyway, we got in a few extra steps so I can't complain.

On the way home I hit my Fitbit 10,000 steps.

It was a nice sunny, breezy day, great for walking, and a fun time with the Olivers.

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