January 4, 2016

Yellow Curry

Best curry ever!

[EDIT 3.7.16 -- After some experimenting I made the best Thai Yellow Curry ever!  Recipe here.]

Hey, this is just a quick post.  I need help here!  Ormond and I were in Key West last month (serious long pictorial post to follow) and we ate at one of our favorite restaurants in the world, Kojin Noodle Bar. I ordered the Yellow Curry.  It looked like this:

I just wanted to die eating this.
So today, now that the holidays are over and I have time to clean the house  workout  get organized ...
Okay, I admit.  Today I tried to ignore Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everything else, and did some searching to try and find the recipe for this most amazing dish. I liked it in so many ways. First, I like uniformly sized chunks. Check. I also like a mix of flavors and textures. Check.  I also like freshly prepared with fresh ingredients, while we watch. CHECK.

When I went online to research this curry, I found quite a few recipes, but nothing that looked like this. Can someone help me try and recreate this particular batch of Yellow Curry?

Ingredients: small bits of julienned carrot, onion, bok choy and other cabbage, coconut, CURRY, chicken, rice, maybe celery?  Lots of soupy slurpy curry goodness.

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