March 16, 2015

Let Spring 2015 Begin!

I have prioritized other things the past year or so, but I'd like to get back into writing in my blog. Saturday I started fresh in my garden so maybe that's a good opportunity to start fresh with my writing.

I got an invitation to have supper with my friend Cindy and her family, so Saturday I made the 1/2 hour long drive (can you BELIEVE it?  I mean seriously, we're all in the same town, and this is not Dallas) to the Lake Washington area to hang with my old girlfriend from many years ago.  Cindy is so special to me.  Her initiative has made our friendship what it is today.  She taught me everything I need to know about how to be a friend to someone (but I still get it wrong).  But that's another story. Anyway, late yesterday afternoon I went over to Cindy's to chill and have a great grilled supper: chicken thighs, flank steak, broccoli, pasta salad, salad salad, baked beans, chips and salsa... and afterwards, a chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream, and a boatload of sliced strawberries to mound on top of it all!  *Sigh* It was amazing.

The next day I woke up feeling really antsy because Cindy had showed me her herb and vegetable pots, and I was like, OMG I forgot that I'm supposed to be starting plants now!  So I ran over to Lowe's, apparently with everyone else who went to Cindy's Saturday night, because I had to fight for a cart to haul off "Bonnie" (yes that's the brand name) plants.*  I got a cilantro, two Anaheim peppers, one green bell pepper, one jalapeno pepper, and a basil.  Oh and a patio tomato.  Plus, I got that awesome deep fuchsia geranium like I found last year at Sun Harbor, for my front pot, and also for that pot I added three other things which I have no clue what they are.

After spending the day in the hot sun I was dying to jump into the pool.  I checked the thermometer (it read 77 -- 10 degrees higher than last weekend!) and felt like it was a Go.  Boom!  In the pool. Gosh it felt awesome.  So, dear readers, Sunday, March 15 goes down as First Swim Day for 2015 at the Doty House.

The east side garden

View from the gate of the east side garden

Our gardener killed what was left of the pitiful grass on the west side.
Now we can landscape!

Terrible picture of my front porch pot.
I expect it to look much better in a couple of weeks.

Gotta sneak in a pic of my awesome grandson!

*Turns out they had the plants on sale for $2.00 -- that's why the crowds -- so I really lucked out!

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