February 10, 2015

Dead Computer

I'm sad to say that today I didn't fix my computer.

Because I had done so much research online, and because I got out a couple of screwdrivers, and because it was hard to see and I had to hold the flashlight in my teeth, and because it took a few hours to figure out that I had to remove the vid card to see the battery, and because I had to take off my glasses to see the tiny blue jumper, I really thought I could fix my computer by myself.  Nope.

Although I did learn a lot.  When I get back from Brian and Christine's wedding I'm going to buy a new motherboard and attempt to install it myself.  :D

Nix that idea.  We can't afford for me to buy a new motherboard LOL.  I'll just keep using my laptop. Since I don't have time for scanning and photo editing any more, and don't have time for gaming, my old Dell laptop serves just fine!

It was a day well spent though.

And I have tomorrow to look forward to!  An outing with my parents: definitely lunch, courtesy of my generous father, and most likely a car trip through the Viera wetlands to do some birding.  I am so excited!

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