December 6, 2014

It's a Grandchild!

We knew he was going to be a boy, and we knew what his name was going to be, but no one can tell you exactly when a baby will be born. My little grand-bundle-of-joy finallycame into this world on November 26. The moment he was born the hospital played a pretty recording of Brahms' Lullaby over the speaker system, a sweet tradition they have for every baby born there.

After a day and a half of waiting in the lobby of the maternity ward we (the Mothers In Law) heard the lullaby at 1:30 and then again at 1:40. We absolutely knew one of those was our baby. Ours was the first one as it turns out.

I remember babbling baby talk to him when I finally got to hold him. Less than two hours old, his eyes were wide open and he was calmly looking all around him. It made me feel like we needed to exchange a few words. My side of the conversation came out something like this: "You're grandma's cutest little baby! Such a BIG boy! So sweet! Grandma's precious little angel! Such a pretty little baby! You're the sweetest little baby boy!" and so on.

Needless to say we are all simply overjoyed to have this new little baby in our family. To vent some of this joy I must post a few pictures.

Baby shower time!

Dr. Who fabric for the nursery (Spoonflower)

Cutest wooden baby hangers with custom covers by Grandma!

Awesome maternity shirt taken the day before labor.

And here he is!  Two hours old.

Skeptical about hearing Grandma's babbling.

Two days old, with his Granddad.

Sneak peek: The baby photographer doing her thing.

Tired dad (center) Skypes with the proud new uncles.

Day Three - Home from the hospital and in Nana's arms.

Day Four  - The swing is already a useful tool at dinner time.

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