August 20, 2014

A New Blog!

Chicken Fannie Biryani
Beaver and I do love to cook.  We love researching recipes and shopping for ingredients.  We'd rather spend the evening in the kitchen making something amazing than going to a restaurant.  Since we're apart some of the time due to Beave's work, when we talk on the phone, guess what we always talk about?  You got it -- COOKING!

Because of our shared interest and because I don't want to overrun this blog with recipes -- I want to encourage myself to cover more subjects so I can practice my writing -- I've started a new blog that will be co-authored by both me (Bonnie) and Beaver.  Here's our (my) first post:  Chicken Fannie Biryani.  If you're a Google+ friend you'll see the posts from Cooking With Beaver and Bonnie automatically on your timeline, just like you see these No Foot posts.  Otherwise please bookmark our cooking site and visit often!

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