June 23, 2014

I'm Not Too Tired To Watch People Work

Bracing themselves against the fence, the crew makes a strangler fig limb (which originated 8 feet on the other side of the fence) swing over our way and drop into our property.
I've been so busy the last two weeks that I just plain get worn out by late afternoon. Oh, I'm not exhausting myself physically.  That would be awesome because maybe then, some of this late-fifties fat would "melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew." But no, basically it's a mental thing.  There are tons of chores on my to-do list and boatloads of things on my mind, and at night I collapse into bed and... a few hours later I'm wide awake.  Has this ever happened to you?

Meanwhile today I had the pleasure of having a few peeks at Ron C's Trees, Inc. working in my yard.  Last year they came out and topped my 12 palms, debooted two of them, and removed a dead cabbage palm that apparently had been struck by lightning.  They were quick and confident and personable (and I felt Ron gave me a fair price), and I appreciated that, so I am going to continue to do business with them forever.  A week or so ago I decided I was sick and tired of the debris caused by a couple of huge strangler fig limbs hanging over my property.  The one limb in particular was crushing a perfectly nice palm tree and threatening to power down into my guest cottage roof at the first tropical depression.  So I called Ron.  And today, he and his crew quickly removed all of the offending limbs and branches, and my back yard looks great.

Ron C's Trees has a bunch of huge commercial contracts, not the least of which is Brevard Zoo.  But they value their residential work, and perform just as professionally working for us little guys. The crew Ron brought in today is the exact same bunch of guys I saw last year.  This made a huge impression on me as it makes me feel like he's committed to keeping these high quality craftsmen on board.  I highly recommend Ron C's Trees to do your topping, tree removal, debooting, pruning, and everything related to tree issues.

Ron C's Trees Inc.
Brevard County, FL

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