May 17, 2014

Inaugural Doty Family Beer Festival

Princess' mom and dad -- the King and Queen, of course -- arrived in town the Friday after Easter.  It was so good to see them again.  They've become dear friends and when our two little families get together we've always felt comfortable, just like we're one big family.  The King was feeling quite generous and treated us all to drinks at the Foo Bar and dinner at Meg O'Malley's.  It was a great evening with good food and music.

Saturday's activity was an event for which middle son Jack had been preparing weeks in advance:  the First Annual Doty Family Beer Festival.  He had ordered t-shirts in all sizes and once he was back in the states he did some serious beer shopping, hitting specialty stores known for their craft beer selections, including Total Wine and the Mansion, to provide a wide variety and selection.  Captain Morgan brewed a special batch for the occasion and brought over a growler from his keg. (His beer got top reviews from most participants.) He also prepared chorizo empanadas and he and Princess made big, yummy pretzels, while Beaver grilled bratwursts and burgers.  A-Luck had carefully planned the tasting event, buying four big trays to hold the ice and bottles of beer and salted cocktail peanuts to prepare the palate for the next sip.  

Some of the guests attend to
their rating sheets with the rare beer in the foreground
We ran out last minute in search of 5 oz. sample or flight glasses but had no luck.  Instead we ended up with little red shot cups that look like miniature Solo cups.  This size proved to be a good thing.  With so much beer to sample, just a sip of each was best.  Everyone got a full glass or two of their favorites in the end.

"Let's get turnt up" -- Thomas Jefferson

Beers served at the 2014 Doty Beer Festival

Ballast Point – Sculpin
Cigar City – Invasion
Cigar City with New Belgium – Lips of Faith Series
Einstok – Icelandic White Ale
Full Sail – Big Daddy J's Malt Liquor
Gaffel – Kolsch
Goose Island – 312 Urban Pale Ale
Goose Island – The Illinois
Green Flash – Black IPA
Resignation – KCCO Black Lager
Lion – Lion Stout
Mikkeller – Breakfast
Mikkeller – Jackie Brown
Mikkeller – Milk Stout
Mikkeller – Sort Gul
Ommegang – Fire and Blood
Rogue and Voodoo Doughnut – Pretzel Raspberry and Chocolate
Southern Tier – Plum Noir
Uinta – Dubhe
Wells – Banana Bread Beer
Three Floyds - Alpha King
Three Floyds - Barley Wine
Dotybrew - ESB

Amazing selection right?  We did have a lot left over but over the next week the guys bravely worked on reducing our store, and I'll admit I had the occasional IPA to take the blah out of yet another boring happy hour in the pool.  There is still a ton of dark beer in the refrigerator.  Our main stout drinker, Princess, is off alcohol for, oh, about 9 months or more.

Many thanks to Jack, Chuck, Beaver and the Captain for putting this thing together.  Looking forward to next year's festival!

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