April 25, 2013

It Began Around the First Of April...

But I'm Counting Today as DAY ONE

"Our" sweet little Key West-style cottage.
Beaver and I had been house hunting in the Melbourne Beach/Indialantic (Florida) area since February.  We tried and failed three times, forcing us to secure a short term Florida rental so we could continue our search on site.  On March 17 we closed on our house in Fort Wayne and drove two cars and Shaky Jake to Palm Bay just in time for Easter weekend.  I was exhausted and depressed and needed a break from having to think about selling a house or buying one, but don't you know that Saturday morning I was back on Trulia studying a listing that looked like a winner.  I called our realtor who met us at the house two hours later, and that was the beginning of our story.  Beave and I both knew the minute we walked in the door that it was exactly what we had always wanted.  We made an offer that very day.

Today we're finally at the point where we can be sure the deal is done and the closing will really happen.  Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my time living on the beach with the ocean right outside my back door.

My back yard:  high tide and late evening surfers.

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