June 20, 2005

US Grand Prix - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Yesterday we were at the US Grand P in Indianapolis.  We had THE BEST seats, and it was something we had looked forward to for a year!

But anyway nothing happened.  All the drivers/teams boycotted and only three teams competed.  Ferrari was one of those that actually raced -- I got a picture of one of the cars whizzing by us -- but the whole event was so very disappointing.

I'm just so sad about how the F1 teams and Michelin handled their displeasure with the Indianapolis GP course.  This is our sixth year here.  The challenge of Grand Prix in the F1 circuit is to know and prepare for each course.  They're all different.  The US course uses a portion of the existing oval track in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway so it has a noted banked turn.  Apparently the Michelin teams haven't liked this much and only just now blurted it out.

What bothers me the most is that it was a staged protest, and was done at the expense of the fans.  I have to view F1 racing now on the same level as professional baseball.  Ew.  Entertainment?  Maybe in Europe.  But here in the US it's still about the cars.  God, what a letdown.  How could those drivers have gone along with it?  How could their crews?

I want to extend a sincere congratulations to the teams who raced on Sunday.  All of the drivers earned points, and one driver earned a podium for the first time in his nine year racing career.  Well done Minardi, Jordan, and Ferrari.

And I have a suggestion for the FIA.  Let's give Pirelli, Goodyear, and other tire companies an incentive to contract with these racing teams.  I'm sick of Michelin vs. Bridgestone.  As we saw Sunday, if it ain't one it's another.  This isn't proper -- there are lots of teams, and they need lots of options.  FIA needs to consider why other tire manufacturers aren't contenders.

Also, FIA needs to prohibit parts and pieces manufacturers/sponsors from editing or altering Race Day.

That said, I have some very nice pictures of the day.  It was absolutely perfect, weather-wise:  Air temp 79F, track temp 107F.  Sunny.  Breezy.  Lovely, colorful people, as always.

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