April 15, 2005

Lunch With The Kids

This morning my goal was to remember to go to Weight Watchers, mainly because I had to keep reminding myself not to eat breakfast before weighing in.  Every ounce counts you know.  So I  managed to lose .8 lbs which I think means 1/2 pound.  Not bad considering last week was Spring Break.  I've been on WW for weeks and haven't lost much at all, but at least I'm not gaining.

After WW I picked up the house a little while waiting for D. to come over with the referee money.  Then it was time to swing by the school to pick up the kids for their half-day treat:  Pizza Hut.  Three boys including my son, and two girls, all piled into my van and we went to the PH at Pine Valley.  I sat alone at a little table so they could have fun without me, but it was really boring, and cold (when am I not cold?) and I ate two little slivers of pizza and was angry at myself afterward.  It got crowded real fast and our waitress didn't notice the kids pouring salt and pepper flakes in each others' drinks.  In other words, she didn't bring the check fast enough.  I went and got her, and the check, and got the kids out before they made too much of a mess.

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