April 20, 2018

Knitting: Friday Update 4.20.18


Perfect Leaves Hat by Penelope & Natalia (only on Ravelry)

This hat was so much fun and super fast. Look how pretty it is! 

Perfect Leaves hat
I came across this pattern through one of my Ravelry groups and loved it so much I stopped what I was working on and knitted it up right away. 

I used yarn that was sitting on my stash shelf, Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash, which I bought at Tuesday Morning several months ago. The pattern called for 1 skein but I ended up needing to use a little bit from a second skein.

You can find this pattern on Ravelry for AU $5.00.

Trylle by Luise Bjerre

I recently bought three beautiful yarns for a Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) on Ravelry, but when the first clue was released I realized after knitting a few rounds that I really didn't like the way it was going, so I unraveled it.

Dream In Color Jilly yarn
The yarn is by Dream in Color, called "Jilly," in (clockwise from top) Prickly Pear, Jessamyn and Blue Fish.

It was begging me to be worked up in the form of a cowl though, so after searching online for a while I found a pattern that made me happy (simple but just a little different).

The pattern, Trylle, is knit flat in garter stitch on the bias so the stripes run diagonal. It has such a nice drape. I used two strands at a time to achieve the tweedy look. It's rather small compared to what the pattern calls for, but I have a short neck, and this is Florida, so I made it into more of a necklace garment rather than a double-wrapped scarf. 

I really recommend this quick knit. And guess what? It's free!



I go back and forth on this one. I started it last year and picked the pattern simply because I didn't have many skeins and this little cardigan uses less than most sweaters.

I don't actually like the two colors in the cardigan, but as a new knitter (even newer back then!) I needed a pattern to follow, so I ignored the first color and started the project with just the one.

Started last year...
This yarn came from Hobby Lobby. It was in the sale bin and I liked the colors well enough so I snapped it up. This was back in the days when I didn't have a stash, had just learned to knit really, and reading the label was alien to me.

The yarn is Yarn Bee Ashley, an aran weight 56% wool/44% polyester blend. It has cool little flecks of totally unrelated color in it (orange and black) but somehow it works.

My first mistake was not knowing enough about yarn weight to make the right choice. The pattern calls for DK. I'm knitting aran with size US size 5 needles. It's a tad dense, and quite heavy in my lap. Miles and miles of stockinette got me discouraged and I put the project in hibernation.

Working the front right now.

But now it's back! I hit the milestone of the right front shaping. It's weird to be knitting on my straight wooden needles, which are more like sticks really, but the rest of the sweater's on hold on the circulars.

If you're interested in seeing this free pattern it's available both on and off of Ravelry.




My friend challenged me to do a colorwork sock with her. She cheated by picking a shortie style sock, what we used to call Tennis Socks in the olden days. I however played by the rules and picked this pattern, mainly because it was already in my file drawer.

I think I'm failing though. In order to keep the strands loose as I switched from one color to the next and back, the stitches look huge. Everyone says blocking will correct all that but I'm dubious. In the solid color stockinette part where I am now it's perfectly lovely.

Stitches seem elongated in the section below the ribbing

Also, the sock seems so big! I don't know. We'll just have to see.

Just started the heel flap

I'm using some of the blue Jilly yarn from the Trylle cowl along with Premier Yarns Serenity Sock yarn in soft white. Needle size US 1. This cuff-down pattern is a freebie.



My nephew and his wife are expecting their first child, a daughter, in August. I'm so excited to have a baby girl for whom I can shower with pink, pink, and more pink.

So that's a lie. No one wants pink any more. In my sleuthing I have found that gray is a common choice for baby neutrals, and when I found this free cardigan pattern it seemed very fresh and modern, something a young mom would love to put on her child.

It's not as blue as it seems, it's really a pretty soft gray

As you can see, I've knitted the 6.5" from the bottom up as required for the size 1 pattern, and have now started the tiny little sleeve. In case you're wondering what that tube thing is, it's a cardboard case that holds the circular needles and has a slot to let the work hang out. I think it's meant for sock projects. A friend gave it to me.

The yoke of the cardigan has a garland (or pennant or bunting) motif. I'm knitting the body in Bernat Softee Baby in Flannel and the garland in Softee Baby in a multi called Pink Rainbow.



April 18, 2018


A year has gone by since I last posted. In a nutshell, here's what I've been up to.

June 2017 - We attended the wedding of my middle son and his girlfriend, in Washington, D.C. This was so fun! We rented an Air B&B near Chinatown and just did everything!

August 2017 - I had several thousand dollars of tree work done on the day of the Total Eclipse of the Sun. Just in time, too, because...

Hurricane pool

June 28, 2017

Doty Stephanotii

This is spring in Florida.
I'm so proud of my stephfanotis vine. I've lived here since 2013 and over the winter the vine made some gourd-like fruit, which I quickly researched. I shared one pod (mango-like in appearance) with my friend Robyn, and I kept one for myself. Later in the season I found two more!

May 8, 2017

Summer in Europe

Thanks to my son James and daughter-in-law Crystal, I was able to tag along on their trip to Europe last summer. I was to perform the role of Nanny to my almost-two-year-old grandson, Oliver, so that the kids could experience nightlife without the baby. In exchange for doing this "job," my airfare and lodging were provided for by the kids.

The days we spent in Europe happened to be during a tense period. We were a little nervous to be traveling, so one of my sons, who has access to such things, checked out the projected safety of our different modes of transportation and destinations, and we got an "all clear." I felt like our entire trip was overshadowed by a certain wariness on my part; and on the part of my son, the leader of our journey, there was definitely a certain hyper-awareness of our surroundings.

April 12, 2017

Spring 2017 - Catching Up

Melbourne Beach, FL
I've been devoting spare time to parents, crocheting, Recipe Keeper, and watching fave shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. I turned in all the cable TV equipment and cut my bill in half. Down to Roku and computer now. I love it!

I read The Girl On The Train. It was pretty good! Definitely a page turner. I guessed the ending from the start though, so it felt predictable. I wished it ended more creatively.

My story on last summer's Europe trip is still in draft form. The holdup, as always, is photo editing.

Next will be a story on February's cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Until I post that, you can see some really amateur home vids I took with my Samsung S6.  Click here for the YouTube link to that playlist.

Today I squeezed in an hour's walk on the beach. Got my 10K steps in! It was the perfect day for it. No humidity, warm, sunny, breezy, and lots of people to look at since it's a Spring Break week. Above is the photo I took. The sea was aqua and turquoise and blue and green and gorgeous. I'm so lucky to be able to feast my eyes on the ever-changing ocean whenever I want.